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QuickJava is a Firefox extension that allows you to easily enable/disable Java, JavaScript, Images, Flash and more directly from the toolbar and/or status bar! (Need help?)
NOTE: QuickJava will become obsolete with the release of FF version 57 and above and will no longer be updated. Please see this thread for additional information.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Update for FF 3.6 users

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a quick update.  My version submitted for approval that would work with FF 3.6 was denied because it needed to be updated to their newest coding standards.

So I have spent quite a bit of time re-writing the add-on and localizing it (not required), I also added the option for Images.

The new version 1.6 was submitted for review the morning and will hopefully be available soon.  Until then you can get the beta version if you'd like by looking for the Beta Channel under the description on the extension's add-on page HERE.  (Note: The beta version WILL NOT automatically update, please check back every couple of days to look for the latest non-beta version so that you can take advantage of updates in the future.)


  1. And it's been approved. Enjoy. :)

  2. Great and nice work.
    But as far as I remenber, the previous version was able to remember my choice from one session to another. The new FF 3.6 version seems unable to remember my settings and I need to manually deactivate java (in my case) each time I launch FF. Is it possible to fix that ?

  3. Benoît, I'm glad you like it.

    I am not able to re-create that problem. My extension doesn't actually remember (or forget) any settings because it simply loads the settings from Firefox upon loading.

    I'm going to lay out a few things to test, even if you find the problem please let me know what you find!

    Note: All references to "Restart" mean restart firefox, ALL FIREFOX WINDOWS must be closed (including the addons and download manager). You should NOT need to restart the entire computer.

    Please try this: Tools -> Addons and Disable all of the addons, go to the Plugins tab and make sure BOTH of the Java plugins are enabled. Restart Firefox.

    Please make sure you do not have a problem with Java itself first:

    If this test fails then you have a broader issue that I can't really help you with but there should be information on that page that can help. You can not proceed with any more tests until you can get that test passed.


    Please note: The Add-On -> Plugin window does not update dynamically, you must close it and re-open it to get the current enabled/disabled status of the plugins if you change it from QuickJava. This is important to remember moving forward.

    Restart, Enable QuickJava, restart. Click the J, verify the plugin disabled, restart make sure it's still disabled. Click the J again, verify the plugin enabled, restart and make sure it's still enabled. Try clicking the J one more time, restart and make sure it's disabled still.

    If it works fine w/ ONLY QuickJava enabled then it may be another one of your add-ons. You can try enabling them one (or a few) at a time and re-testing each time to find the problem and contact the correct person regarding your issue.

    If you are still having problems disable QuickJava, restart.

    Tools -> Addons -> Plugins and make sure BOTH Java plugins are enabled. Disable both of them, restart firefox and check to make sure they are still both disabled. Set them both to enabled and restart FF and check them again.

    If they are not holding their settings at this point then your browser may have a corrupt install or something, contact mozilla support.


    If it was working with all extensions disabled, and not working when ONLY QuickJava is enabled then we'll need to talk more.

    Remember: Please let me know if you need more help or if you solved your problem what it turned out to be.

  4. Thanks a lot for the update. I've finally upgraded to Firefox 3.6 now :-). Two points, both of which are minor (running under WinXP):

    - I prefer the old round icons, especially the slash to note that the feature is disabled.

    - There's a problem when customizing Firefox's menubar/icon/etc (when you right-click on a blank area of the toolbar -> customize). All the QuickJava icons are screwed up. They seem to show all the Firefox icons. (Sorry, it's difficult to explain, but it's pretty obvious.)

    BTW, thanks for including a "load images" toggle. The previous add-on I was using does not work with Firefox 3.8.

  5. DWi,

    1. Sorry, I don't have the base for the original images to create new icons for the new features, and they weren't in the proper sizes for the toolbar anyway. I do have a place for people to submit their own images but have not received any yet so if you're interested then.

    2. This is addressed under the developer comments:
    "Known issues: (Version 1.7 fixes these and has been submitted for review)
    * Toolbar icons are not the right images when in the "Customize toolbar mode".
    * Tooltips on the status bar icons don't work (they're configured, but obviously wrong)"

    I wanted to get a working version submitted and approved, so I submitted it with those two small issues. Since it's not a big deal, the update may take some time for them to review though.

    I'm glad you are enjoying the new version and thanks for your feedback :)

  6. Thanks for the very complete diagnostic check list.
    Actually, QuickJava runs well and enable/disable correctly the Java plugins. But only one of the two plugins stay disabled between two restarts. The "Java Deployment Toolkit" is always re-enabled at startup. So I will investigate that problem.
    Thanks again for your support.

  7. Adrian Clarke3/12/2010 4:37 AM

    I am quite annoyed (polite phrase) after enabling the automatic upgrade to FF 3.6 - the applets stopped working which I need to view the London Stock Exchange, the link in the plugins directory is still valid. This is a Debian 5.0.3 GNU/Linux setup. Why should the use of a plugin require another add on feature to enable the JRE functionality? Not a happy bunny.

  8. Benoit, glad I was able to help. It's pretty common for extension developers to have to support core functionality of the browser simply because we interact to it.

    Adrian, the use of MY add on is NOT required to enable the JRE functionality. It simply makes it easier to get to. You can get to it by going to Tools -> Addons -> Plugins. The decision to move it from built in to a Plugin was done by the mozilla team so you would need to contact them to express your concerns about that.

  9. howdy "firefox plugins",

    my setup ...
    os = win xp pro, sp3
    ff = 3.6
    quickjava = 1.7.1

    the addon properly turns java off-n-on but the status bar icon reverts to blue [presumably ON] at every restart of ff. java remains OFF, tho. [*grin*]

    so i see a display error, not a function error.

    if there is any info you want on this from me, please ask.

    take care,

  10. Lee_Daily, there are TWO java plugins that both get disabled, so if one of them is enabled it could be showing as enabled when Java doesn't work.

    The problems you're describing sound similiar to Benoît's... please reference the steps I had him follow above. (Comment #3)

  11. Is this going to be updated to work with FF4?
    PLEASE! ;)

  12. update for firefox 4 , when ?

  13. yes, FF4 please.


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