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QuickJava is a Firefox extension that allows you to easily enable/disable Java, JavaScript, Images, Flash and more directly from the toolbar and/or status bar! (Need help?)
NOTE: QuickJava will become obsolete with the release of FF version 57 and above and will no longer be updated. Please see this thread for additional information.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Read this post if you have problems.

The QuickJava extension doesn't actually remember (or forget) any settings because it simply loads the settings from Firefox upon loading.  Because it's functionality is so simple most functionality bugs are usually not a problem with QuickJava but rather with a plugin (such as Java or Silverlight) or Firefox itself.

To verify what is causing the problem, please follow the following steps (please read and follow through the whole thing before asking for help).

Note: All references to "Restart" mean restart firefox, ALL FIREFOX WINDOWS must be closed (including the addons and download manager). You should NOT need to restart the entire computer.

Please try this: Tools -> Addons and Disable all of the addons, go to the Plugins tab and make sure plugins related to the problem you are experiencing are enabled (for Java there are usually 2). Restart Firefox.

Please note: The Add-On -> Plugin window does not update dynamically, you must close it and re-open it to get the current enabled/disabled status of the plugins if you change it from QuickJava. This is important to remember moving forward.

After manually making sure everything is enabled, find a test page for the plugin you are experiencing problems for.  These pages can easily be found by googling "test java" or "test silverlight", ect.  For example you can test Java here:

If this test fails then you have a broader issue that I can't really help you with but there should be information on that page that can help. You can not proceed with any more tests until you can get the relevant tests to run properly.  After those tests are running properly, re-test QuickJava as your problem will most likely be resolved.


Restart, Enable QuickJava, restart. Click the J, verify the plugin disabled, restart make sure it's still disabled. Click the J again, verify the plugin enabled, restart and make sure it's still enabled. Try clicking the J one more time, restart and make sure it's disabled still.

If it works fine w/ ONLY QuickJava enabled then it may be another one of your add-ons. You can try enabling them one (or a few) at a time and re-testing each time to find the problem and contact the developer of the problematic add on for further help.

If you are still having problems disable QuickJava, restart.

Tools -> Addons -> Plugins and make sure BOTH Java plugins are enabled. Disable both of them, restart firefox and check to make sure they are still both disabled. Set them both to enabled and restart FF and check them again.

If they are not holding their settings at this point then your browser may have a corrupt install or something, contact the mozilla support.


If it was working with all extensions disabled, and not working when ONLY QuickJava is enabled then we'll need to talk more.

If this helps you find a solution, please post here so that others can read it.

A previous user's response:
"Thanks for the very complete diagnostic check list.
Actually, QuickJava runs well and enable/disable correctly the Java plugins. But only one of the two plugins stay disabled between two restarts. The "Java Deployment Toolkit" is always re-enabled at startup. So I will investigate that problem.
Thanks again for your support."
Update for newer versions of FireFox:

To manually enable javascript that has been removed by the FireFox options page, you need to put "about:config" in the firefox url bar and then search for javascript.enabled and set it to true.
 Update for Mac users from E Jonsson (via email):
An extra tip if you are having problems getting Java to work (regardless of QuickJava).
"I have subsequently found out that Firefox seems to be sensitive to whether you open in 32 or 64bit mode. The problem gets overcome by highlighting the Firefox application in Finder and pressing cmd-i for Information. Then untick the ‘open in 32 bit mode’ option. For some reason Java is not that sensitive in Safari, though. It works in both modes."


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  2. Robert, your comment was deleted as it had no content related to the post and seemed to only serve as a link to your own site. Thanks for the SPAM but I don't think my visitors need it.

  3. I appreciate the information. Java is one of the consistent player from the development industry which has been providing the wider scope for developers to come out with different solutions.

  4. I went through all your steps. With only Java and QuickJava enabled, when I disable Java then restart Firefox (3.6), the J on the toolbar is blue (was red before the restart), but Java is marked disabled in the addons list.

  5. Anon,

    There are should be two Java items listed in the Addons list, are they both disabled? A common problem is that only one stays disabled, which causes my extension to think Java is enabled.

  6. Thanks for the reply and sorry to bother you. I updated to Java 1.6.0_19 and the problem went away. I love this app - thanks for making it!

  7. No problem, glad you got it working :)

  8. Hey, a thought for another feature would be the ability to turn off the Adobe Acrobat plugin? That's one of the top sources of viruses where I work and the adobe reader updater keeps re-enabling it.

  9. A little more info on something that made my Java icon not correctly show enabled/disabled state of Firefox. I had an old U11 version of ntdeploytk.dll in {Program FilesJava\jre6\bin\new_plugin that was apparently put there or moved there by one of the Java installers. If the U19 version was disabled, either by QuickJava or using the Add-ons dialog, the U11 version would show up in about:plugins which apparently caused QuickJava to think Java was on. Renaming the file with .bak instead of .dll fixed the problem.

    This happened to me on three different computers. As I mentioned above, on one computer updating Java fixed the problem, but it didn't on the other two computers.

  10. Hey, wouldn't that problem be simply because of the new way Firefox deals with allowing or disallowing Java? It's not an standalone about:config option anymore (as are images and javascript allowing), but now the Java Firefox plugin itself is enabled or disabled in order to display or not Java content in pages...

  11. ...clarifying my though, plugin disabling/enabling is plain headache. External programs can mess up easily with that, re-enabling plugins (e.g. Norton 360). That is why, in my opinion, such problem is occuring with Java on Firefox and, therefore, influencing QuickJava.

  12. Petruc, thanks for your input and clarification. Firefox does indeed handle Java differently in the new versions which is what caused QuickJava to need it's first update in years (yay for simple/efficient programs!) Yes it is possible for other programs/extensions to change the settings which will cause QuickJava to display the current status. I have not heard any cases of this happening though, most users are able to resolve their problems by updating their Java, but it is a good point that others may want to keep in mind if they are having problems.

  13. I cant to put enable Java, tx!

  14. Hi,

    Sorry for the delay.

    Regarding my question in the other thread:

    1) Yes, I tried the instructions.
    2) Nope, no other Java plugins.
    3) I have Sun Java 6 installed.


  15. Ok, please install this extension:

    Then go to Tools->Addons->Plugins (Tab at top)

    Click the "Dump List" button, copy to clipboard and email it to me at, my name then 0716 at gmail.com (my attempt to avoid spam)


  16. Hi,

    Email is on its way. Thanks!


  17. Request: It would be nice to have a custom button where I could toggle the functionalities I want as a group. For instance, if I want to Disable Flash/Silverlight/Images at one click.

    Thanks for your very useful software.

  18. I'd really like to see the Image button work instantaneously. I have a 1.0 Firefox plug-in that I still use because it does. Your CSS button works immediately, but the Image button needs to have the page reloaded.

    Also, isn't there some better way of contacting you than posting comments on the back of non-relevant topics? I've been all over both this blog and the Firefox profile and I don't see any "Contact Me" links or information anywhere.

  19. I have cryptically left my contact info in a few posts, or you can find one of my email addresses by using the donate button since PayPal shows the email address you're attempting to send payment to. I actually prefer to have people post comments because it keeps everything in one place and (sometimes) reduces the number of duplicate requests.

    My extension simply changes the firefox options, it doesn't do any parsing of the current tab. The only reason the CSS works immediately is because that is the Firefox design. To disable the images I would have to reload the current page, which the user could do with little effort when they want it to happen (F5 key or reload button). I will consider adding it in a future version, and an option to enable/disable automatic reloading, but it may be a while before I am able to get back to spending some time on this extension.

  20. please support to truck version (now is 4.0b8pre)

  21. Why if I click any of the buttons the settings remain also for the pages in the next tabs exept for the Css one in case of which I must repeat the clicking each time I open a new tab? I'd be glad if that was fixed.

    Moreover I'd like to make a feature request: it would be nice if one could choose if one wants to block for example Images for all the pages or just in one specific case (i.e. one tab at a time).

    Apart from what I've mentioned the addon is absolutely great! I'm thankful cause I was looking for such a solution for quite a long time. Big thanks for the unique Image and Css blocking features.


  22. thanks for making this great addon, all it's missing is keyboard shortcuts.

    Ctrl+Alt+l for Image
    Ctrl+Alt+F for Flash

  23. please add keyboard shortcuts to your extension. thanks.

  24. I have the same problem and I tried all the steps without success. I use Ubuntu 10.10 with Openjdk6 and Firefox icetea6-plugin

  25. Hi, are you planning update your useful plugin for FireFox 4.0? Thanks...

  26. Love your plug-in, and it would be awsome if you could update it to work on FF 4.0.

    Any chance??

  27. I love it, this is my most used plugin. But now i have FF4 and can't use it any more. So i hope there will be an update for that.

  28. I think good plugins should be donated, and i have done it right now. So please keep up that good work and make an update for Firefox 4.
    You are great !!!

  29. this plugin is awesome, I keep checking every week to see if you make an update so I can use this with ff4!

  30. When you update to ff 4? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When?

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase! Updaaaaaaaaaaaate!

  31. please to make updates!!!!!! ff4 support! i'll buy you beer!!!

  32. Thousands of users are waiting for a new version with Firefox 4 support. Come on!

  33. How about an Adobe Acrobat Plugin switch. It is often vulnerabel without a patch in sight:

    This way you could at least prevent to be infected directly in the browser.

  34. Hi,
    From FF 27.0.1 newly updated I'd like to know where my Proxy button has gone (!?). I have Java Script, Java, Flash,Silver Light, Cookies, Images, Animated Images and Styles, but no trace of the Proxy button in the toolbar. There was something I wanted to try before going to bed.

    Many thanks.

  35. Hi,
    From FF 27.0.1 freshly updated I'd like to know where my Proxy button has gone (!?). I have Java Script, Java, Flash, Silver Light, Cookies, Images, Animated Images and Style Pages, but no trace of the Proxy button. I wanted to try something before bed.

    Many thanks.


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