About QuickJava

QuickJava is a Firefox extension that allows you to easily enable/disable Java, JavaScript, Images, Flash and more directly from the toolbar and/or status bar! (Need help?)
NOTE: QuickJava will become obsolete with the release of FF version 57 and above and will no longer be updated. Please see this thread for additional information.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Version 1.8.0 Approved

Version 1.8.0 s now available.

You can install it from here:

Version Notes:
Version 1.8.0 Back to Red buttons, a few minor bug fixes and added reload option and links on Options page.  Thanks again to Dave for more help.

I've also added a 'Help and FAQ' post which will expand as needed.

Quickjava Quick Help

Welcome to the QuickJava Help and FAQ page.

QuickJava is an easy way to enable/disable many features of Firefox with a configurable tool to help meet your needs.  QuickJava was designed to be lightweight and easy to use with minimal configuration, it was not designed to be as extensive as NoScript, so it does not support features such as Whitelist/Blacklist for sites.  QuickJava simply modifies the Firefox settings for the following items: