About QuickJava

QuickJava is a Firefox extension that allows you to easily enable/disable Java, JavaScript, Images, Flash and more directly from the toolbar and/or status bar! (Need help?)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Missing your Addon Bar?

If you've just updated to FF29 or higher and suddenly you don't have your addon bar, that is because the Mozilla team removed it for you.  They want you to use the other bars, which you can find instructions on how to do by googling "how to customize firefox toolbar" but what if you want your toolbar back?  Read on for a solution...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Advanced Users: ClickToPlay (Beta)

While developing the current version of QuickJava (2.0.3) I played a bit with the "ClickToPlay" functionality in Firefox.  For those that don't know about this functionality, it basically disables Flash/Java/SilverLight but  when a page tries to use one of them you get the option to click on the element to enable it for just that one element.

I was unable to get it working in time for the release.  Since then I discovered the functionality was not working because I didn't turn on an option in Firefox that was needed.  However, the functionality is still in the program, just hidden, so for the advanced users I present to you a quick guide on how to use it.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

QuickJava 2.0

Welcome to QuickJava 2.0

This page is automatically loaded upon updating or installing QuickJava 2.0 and will not appear again (until the next release, if important notes exist a new page will open).  I hope you all enjoy all of the new features, if bugs are found please use the "GitHub Source and Issues Repository" link to report them.

Important Setup Information:

This is a major release with many new features that you should consider going into the options to configure (Right click any visible icon and select "Options").

Saturday, August 03, 2013

QuickJava Released

Welcome to QuickJava

Important Setup Information:

For both first time users and existing users alike that wish to use the toolbar icons rather than the add-on bar icons you will need to re-customize your toolbar.  My apologies to existing users who lost these settings, I'll try not to do it again.  If you need assistance with this, please see the page here:

Change Notes:

  • Updated to work with FF23 and above.
  • Fixed spacing issues on icons in the add-on bar
  • Updated the look of the icons to a "plastic" type shell (provided by Dave)
  • Updated the toolbar buttons to a more appropriate size and this should also fix some conflicts with other add-ons that an anonymous user has submitted.
If you have any questions or concerns please use the contact me link on the right side.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Important: QuickJava and FireFox 23 (And GitHub update)

As of Firefox 23 there has been a change to how the Plugin API works which will cause QuickJava to quit working.  I have updated the maximum version for QuickJava to 22.*

Since I do not have time to work on this problem there is a very good chance that users will not be able to use the extension after updating to FF23 when it is released.  I will try my hardest to get the extension up and running again (as well as fixing some other minor bugs/requests such as AddOn bar spacing and adding options to the 'Tools' toolbar), but can not give you a time frame, my apologies in advance.

For more information please see:

The source code has been added to GitHub and issue logged:

If you would like to help with the coding, please use the GitHub link to the right.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Version 1.8.0 Approved

Version 1.8.0 s now available.

You can install it from here:

Version Notes:
Version 1.8.0 Back to Red buttons, a few minor bug fixes and added reload option and links on Options page.  Thanks again to Dave for more help.

I've also added a 'Help and FAQ' post which will expand as needed.

Quickjava Quick Help

Welcome to the QuickJava Help and FAQ page.

QuickJava is an easy way to enable/disable many features of Firefox with a configurable tool to help meet your needs.  QuickJava was designed to be lightweight and easy to use with minimal configuration, it was not designed to be as extensive as NoScript, so it does not support features such as Whitelist/Blacklist for sites.  QuickJava simply modifies the Firefox settings for the following items: