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QuickJava is a Firefox extension that allows you to easily enable/disable Java, JavaScript, Images, Flash and more directly from the toolbar and/or status bar! (Need help?)
NOTE: QuickJava will become obsolete with the release of FF version 57 and above and will no longer be updated. Please see this thread for additional information.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

QuickJava Image Development

BeaverXI has provided some graphics that I based my newest set on but I'm not a graphic artist so I'd like to provide everybody an opportunity to submit icons for consideration.

What you need:
* On/Off/Unknown images for the following items [Java, JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight]
* Must look good in all 3 sizes (16x16px, 24x24px, 32x32px)
* Application icon for application's install page (32x32px)
* Appropriate use of transparency around the image (consider that a light or back background could be used anywhere you use transparency, so it may not be appropriate inside the image)

* A link to a place I can view the files online (such as photobucket or you own personal site).  For consideration you can submit links to each file or one file with all of the icons on them.  (Please make sure to maintain transparency)

If your icons are selected I will need:
* The psd or equivalent files with layers in tact so that I can create new ones if I need to in the future.* Any custom fonts used
* Files will be made available under QuickJava and it's license
(The user license is:    View License)

The prize is simple recognition with your name (and website if you'd like and it is not inappropriate) listed in the QuickJava's description while the icons are in use.

Thanks for the help. :)


  1. It does not work with latest version of Firefox.

  2. Are you using the beta version 0.6a? The current FF 3.6 version is pending review (as mentioned in the download area on mozilla's site)?

    If you are having problems with 0.6a please post it in the appropriate post:


  3. the-edmeister3/07/2010 9:42 PM

    Version 1.6 = Corrupt icons in the Customize palette. The icons are ok when moved to the toolbar, but it's hard to visualize those buttons in the palette.

  4. Hmm, strange. It wasn't like that after the initial install but mine is messed up now too. I'll make note of it and hope to get to it soon.

    Other than that is everything working for you? Are you sure you're using 1.6 and not 0.6a (the beta) because 1.6 isn't approved so I'm not sure how you would have gotten it already (unless you're the reviewer).

    Hopefully it won't prevent 1.6 from being approved since it is a pretty minor visual bug.

  5. Ok, version 1.7 has been submitted and has the toolbar icons fixed and tooltips on the status bar icons.

  6. Firefox 3.6 | Tools | Add-ons | QuickJava 1.6 | Preferences :

    XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
    Location: chrome://quickjava/content/options.xul
    Line Number 6, Column 1:<prefwindow id="quickjava-prefs"

  7. Same problem here.
    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.9.2) Gecko/20100115 Firefox/3.6

  8. I cannot install the QuickJava on my FF 3.5.6 (under Windows) and on my Iceweasel 3.5.6 (under Debian).
    I have tried the oldest version and the versions and 0.4.2 but all of them was unsuccesful/

  9. Why I cannot install the QuickJava on my FF 3.5.6 under win32 and on my Iceweales 3.5.6 under Debian?

  10. I cannot install and 0.4.2 on FF 3.0.18 too

  11. I'm sorry that you are having problems with older versions of Firefox but I won't be supporting them. It would be a lot of work for me to install the older versions and rollback my code to try to figure it out, but I do know that before I did the upgrade I had it working on 3.5.6 and every version from 1.5 to 3.5.6 used with no problems.

    Good luck.

  12. If I had known, I would have kept the psd files for you.

  13. BeaverXI, No big deal, I think I was able to clear the text and re-create the missing background decently.

    Also, since it's your images in use currently, if you want your webpage linked in the description area please let me know.

  14. Do not worry about that. that's enough to know that I could help in one way or another;)

    I do not know if it is in your plans, but in the next evolution of the extension you could add the possibility to choose between different design buttons (this would allow those who have a theme that does not stick with the buttons by default).

    And maybe the use of SVG to generate icons would be a good idea (as it would be very easy to change the color, transparency, see the form of icons in the extension options. I say this, but I'm not really an expert on SVG, but I tested the software Inkscape vector graphics free and allows you to save your creations in SVG).

    Here are two ideas that are not necessarily useful for the extension, but maybe it would help you explore other aspects of firefox: D.

  15. Nice... Glasser 3.5.2 + quickjava + Firefox 3.7 (pre)



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