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QuickJava is a Firefox extension that allows you to easily enable/disable Java, JavaScript, Images, Flash and more directly from the toolbar and/or status bar! (Need help?)
NOTE: QuickJava will become obsolete with the release of FF version 57 and above and will no longer be updated. Please see this thread for additional information.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

QuickJava 2.0

Welcome to QuickJava 2.0

This page is automatically loaded upon updating or installing QuickJava 2.0 and will not appear again (until the next release, if important notes exist a new page will open).  I hope you all enjoy all of the new features, if bugs are found please use the "GitHub Source and Issues Repository" link to report them.

Important Setup Information:

This is a major release with many new features that you should consider going into the options to configure (Right click any visible icon and select "Options").

Important Change Notification:

The action for a middle click has changed!  Since middle click is now only supported on the addon/status bar, it will only toggle the items that are displayed in the addon/status bar.

Change Notes:

  • Favorites button added for Toolbar (will auto-install for new users and some of those using version 1.8.0 or prior, all other users will need to Customize their toolbar and add the button if they wish to do so)
  • Option to provide custom CSS for buttons. (pick your own colors or adjust icon size/spacing!)
  • Middle click functionality changed (see above)
  • Reload option split up to be able to be set for each type
  • Startup functionality for On/Off settings on initial load, new window or new tab.
  • Added 'Help & FAQ', Donate and Homepage links to context dialog on right click of any button.
  • Icons now automatically update after to the proper color/status customizing the toolbar.


The options dialog has changed and now has the following settings/features:
  • For each of the settings that can be modified (JavaScript, Java, Flash, Images, ect.)
    • Hide Add-on Bar Icon (Previously called Statusbar)
      • Hides the icon from the Add-on Bar, also affects middle click on Add-on Bar.
    • Include In Favorites
      • When checked the setting will be included in the new "QJ" favorites item.  This item can be added to the toolbar using the "Customize..." feature in Firefox.
    • Reload On Change
      • When checked and the corresponding setting is changed, the current tab will reload.
    • On [Initial Load/New Window/New Tab]
      • Allows you to configure a default value for each setting when the action occurs:
        • Initial Load - The first Firefox window is loaded.
        • New Window - Any new Firefox window is loaded.
        • New Tab - Any new Firefox tab is loaded.
      • Each setting has an option of [Blank/On/Off]
        • If left blank the setting will not be changed from it's previous/existing value.
    • When favorites are different statuses, display as [On/Off] and on button press set favorites to [On/Off]
      • If multiple items are setup for "Include In Favorites" and some are on, while others are off, the Favorites button will be displayed as On or Off depending on the first setting.  When the Favorites button is pressed (and some favorites are on while others are off) then ALL favorites will be turned to On or Off depending on the second button.
    • Advanced Settings - Plugin Regular Expressions (No changes)
      • Advanced users can provide custom regular expressions to detect their configuration if the default settings do not work.  This may need to be done for some users running custom Java packages in Unix based environments.
      • You can set custom regular expressions for:
        • Java
        • Flash
        • Silverlight
      • There is also a "Reset" button to set the values back to their default setting.
    • Custom Button Styles [In Beta Options]
      • You can provide custom style information for the following states:
        • Default
          • Applied at all times
        • Enabled
          • Applied when a setting is "On", will override changes set in Default
      • For assistance with CSS please visit http://www.w3schools.com/css/
      • To get a nice look for custom colors you may need to use advanced gradients.
The existing styles (for inspiration) can be found here:

The two sections that the custom CSS are added to are:
Default: .quickjava-button
Enabled: .quickjava-button[status="1"]

Check out some samples provided by Dave here:


  1. love it but the " on (initial load/new tab/new window)" should all save different settings. i want them all "ON" in my initial window, but on every new tab to have flash and silverlight off. just a suggestion.

    summary: save different settings for - on: initial load/new tab/new window

    1. I'm glad you like it, I was trying to find a good balance without adding too many options and making it too complicated (this project is significantly larger in scope than I ever intended it to be!)

      Since most people open windows way less often than tabs just set it to the settings you want for new tabs and try it out for a bit, I think you'll find it's not a huge deal. (You could even use the "Favorites" button to wrap the other two options into one on/off button if you don't plan on otherwise using it).

  2. apologies i rushed to post. you are infact correct. i have it on new tab to disable flash and java, and it works great i tend to open numerous video tabs at a time and this cuts down on cpu usage from autoplay. i also added the favourites button to my add-on bar as well with everything enabled, so it's all just a simple click away to re-enable.
    love the update, thank you for making such a great add-on in this day of flash-ads (even with the famous advertisement blocker the ad' still load in the background if i remember correctly.)

    1. Glad you're enjoying it :)

    2. will this allow HTML5 or webm videos to play in foxfire?

    3. AZKobryn,

      This extension doesn't change the functionality of what firefox can and cannot do, it only adds buttons to turn features on or off. Currently there are not buttons for HTML5 or WebM.

  3. Didn't even know I had this Add-on!

    1. Haha, well now you know so you can either clean up your system or start using it, either way it's a win :)

  4. If there are problems on a page, how do we know which option to switch off - this seems crucial to using the programme.

  5. Hi..can you add option for proxy to change between system proxy and manual proxy?

  6. Hi,

    Can you tell me why sources having image link like below are not getting blocked?


    Source :- http://news.sky.com/story/australian-schoolchildren-recreate-firms-163594-hiv-drug-for-163160-10678805

  7. Ajay, Unfortunately I cannot. QuickJava only sets an existing Firefox option to turn off images so if it doesn't work you will need to contact the Mozilla/Firefox team to know why. Sorry.


  9. I have the settings to ON but they remain OFF on start up. Maybe you can create an FAQ with clearer instructions. Every time I turn on Firefox, and try to go somewhere, if it needs Flash or Java, for example, I am told they are still disabled. Yet I keep checking and its set to ON. Any suggestions?

    1. Java is no longer supported in FireFox's later versions, nothing I can do about that (sorry). If flash is not working then you probably have a problem with your flash installation. My extension just sets them on/off with the browser settings. If the browser can't enable/disable it then my extension won't be able to either. You can check the Flash settings by putting "about:addons" (no quotes) into the URL bar and then looking for Flash in the list. If flash isn't in the list then it is not installed on your machine. Best of luck to you.

  10. Hello Mr. Doug

    Have found a New Switch is the same as Your Tool do

    about:config, javascript.enabled false / true

    new by Firefox 59.0.1, Now Please Update Your Great Tool


    Please an Answere

    1. This extension is no longer being worked on. There are other addons that do the simple work of providing the toggle, such as this one:

      Good luck in finding one that meets your needs.


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